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Truck Crash Examples

Example of crash created using simulation data

This example was created using external data generated by a crash simulation package.
HVE was used in this example, but other simulation packages can be used as well.

The accident reconstructionist creates the simulation and exports the data for our use.
Animations use the imported data for motion and the results are verified by the accident reconstructionist.

Ground view of crash using simulation data

Ground View of crash showing moving grass in the foreground.



Photo Realistic School Bus

Photo Realistic Bus and Terrain. We have the capabilities to model extensive details from CAD drawings and images.

The models can also be deformed/damaged on impact to represent the actual vehicle.

Hi resolution version here.



Follow view of crash using simulation data

Over two miles of roadway were mapped to create this animation.
The Red Tractor crossed the center line after failing to slow sufficiently and impacting the Blue Tractor trailer rig.

Two passengers died instantly in the pickup.



Rear view of crash using simulation data

Rearward looking view of Tractor as it fails to brake sufficiently, impacts the trailer and crosses the center lane.

Different perspectives help to communicate the incident clearly.
This approach is particularly helpful when eye witnesses are involved, as it can prove or disprove their testimony.


Example of a Tractor Trailer with a suspension

The tractor Trailer has been rigged to react with the terrain.


Photo Realistic Rendering of a Truck and trailer