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Non-Truck Crash Examples

In car view of crash

This crash was created using accident reconstruction data related to speeds, point of impact and point of rest.

The frame numbers and distance values can be placed on the screen for easy reference.

Slow motion view of head-on collision

This head on collision resulted in the death of the driver of the white Pontiac. With the aid of this animation, the Lawyer was able to win the litigation and a substantial sum for the decedents survivors..




"Live action" example utilizing a photograph for the back ground

The vehicle are placed in the photograph using this technique called "live action".

Because actual photgraphs or video footage is used, the scene is reproduced in great detail.


Top view of intersection crash

Top view of a crash in an intersection. Note the secondary action from the white vehicle.

Views of this nature are very popular for a majority of cases, as they convey the impact and any relevant contact.